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Liberated and Excited!

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Have you ever felt you lost your zest for life and subconsciously became paralyzed in the midst of everyone moving, and flourishing all around you? What happened to that uncontained wackiness which makes you laugh so hard like an inebriated adult, with childlike wonder? Where did that magic go?

Feelin’ alive, to dream the impossible, to fight what seems unbeatable, to imagine without limitations, to renew your strength and soar like an eagle.

Feelin’ alive, to be brave when you’re scared out of your wits, to stand when you’ve done all you could, to find courage in discouragement, to love unconditionally and authentically, to run and not be weary, to walk and not faint.

Feelin’ alive when forces say you can’t do it, but perseverance says you can and determination proves you will.

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A  few years ago, there was a Disney commercial I absolutely loved, where the mother goes into the bedroom of her children and tells them that it was time to go to sleep. They are so wound up with anticipation about their upcoming getaway to Disney World that her son says, “We’re too excited to sleep!” Oh, my gosh, that made me smile and want to pack my bags and head to Disney World right then!

Why should such excitement change when we become adults? Yes, we have more responsibilities, challenges, and headaches, but this doesn’t mean we can’t pause every now and then, activate our sense of adventure and curiosity, then move on to discover that magic which gets us hyped up about this glorious gift of life. Rediscover your HAPPY!

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Time and time again, we get caught up in a ball of anxiety that creates mental, emotional and spiritual duress. Many times these stressors are beyond our control and sometimes they are self-inflicted. There are far too many daily reminders that manage to distract us from the fruits of progress where humanity reaps the benefits of seeds sown by the hands and shoulders on which we stand.

One of my favorite books is "I Know Why The Caged Bird Sings," by Maya Angelou. As I surmised from reading this book, when a bird (person) is caged (trapped in adversarial bondage), it still manages to sing. Sometimes a song is the only thing you have to keep your spirit from being shattered in order to survive. 

Laugh, love and celebrate the magic of this divine gift of Life! 

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