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Kym is the author of the blog From Behind the Pen, Content Marketing Director for the blog InKnowvative Concepts and is an administrator for other blogs.





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Kym was featured in Collectors Magazine published by Pioneer Communications, Inc. Her article SCENTual Vessels: Small Wonders, highlighted the art of miniature, collectible perfume, and cologne bottles.

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She uses these social platforms to reach and engage audiences around the world, by sharing topics we can relate to, practical information we can re- flect on and apply to our lives, industry-specific dialogue relevant to our business practices and deliver messages to motivate and encourage. It doesn't take a scientific mind to understand people, but a listening ear, a compassionate heart, and a humble spirit. 

Kym has been an EzineArticles Expert Author since 2006. Her directory articles reflect a myriad of categories that include business, strategic marketing, writing, self-esteem, food, and craft topics. Click here for a listing of those articles on her profile page.

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On page 24 in this issue of The Source by WIN Magazine, Kym wrote the story "Fruit of the Spirit." Her article The Fruit We Bear: Healing Lives and Preparing Hearts for Service, touches on her volunteer work with a local women's facility and how the fruits of the Spirit prepare God's people for service.

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